Bridal Gifts For The Brand New Bride


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Guys, after almost five months of being engaged, I am finally getting in the spirit of things. I don’t know if it is because of the Bridal event this past Sunday, the fact that we are so close to picking a venue or the fact that we are pretty much exactly a year out from the wedding, but none-the-less, I think I may finally have the bridal bug.  

If you’re between the age of 22 to 35, you’re bound to know multiple people getting married within the next few months. Tis the season would be the understatement of the century! When Colton and I first got engaged, we received a lot of really cool and unique gifts. It was really special to be showered by friends and family at the beginning of the engagement because it showed us everyone else was as excited as we were.

In the past, I kind of thought of all bridal gifts as kind of silly and cliche but to be honest………you’re really only a bride once, so you might as well take it in while you have it. It’s an exciting time that should be cherished. No matter how cliche you think it may be! I absolutely love all of the picks above. No matter the bride or how you’re related, these are all gifts the bride in your life will be excited to have! 

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Clutch: The cutest accessory to take to all of her upcoming events! This is the only one that is a little expensive, but I think it would be super fun to get this clutch and then pass it along to friends as each one gets engaged. 
  2. His & Hers Glass Wear: I love this gift because it includes the groom as well! Most likely, your bride has been waiting for the moment that it is finally acceptable to own something that says “His & Her” on it and this set would be the perfect first addition. 
  3. #Busybride Notebook: I absolutely love this because as I have been planning my wedding, I have been taking a lot of free handed notes. Notes on venues, notes on catering,notes on prices and etc. This notebook would be perfect for that.
  4. Put a Ring On It Mug: Mainly because it has a ring on it, but also because it is just the cutest little mug ever.  Any bride would be pumped to have it! 
  5. White Tassel Earrings: I love these and put them on the list because they are the perfect piece of jewelry for the bride to wear to all of her upcoming bridal & wedding events. 
  6. Thank You Cards: This is one thing I am super trying stack up on. The bride and groom will have a ridiculous amount of up coming events and the more thank you cards, the better. 
  7. Feyonce Tank: Cliche but so incredibly cute! Your bride will love wearing this to bed and around the house. 
  8. Ring Tray: On top of everything else, kind of unnecessary but is something the bride will just love because, she is a bride. This one is extremely cute and would be the perfect piece to hold her ring.
  9. The Knot Wedding Planner: Colton’s mom actually gave this to me and I LOVE IT. It’s great because it gives brides an outline of exactly what to expect and really helps to plan your wedding. My advice is to take notes in the notebook above then once things are more finalized, transfer them into this planner !
  10. Date Initialed Necklace: So sweet and thoughtful. A piece the bride will want to wear even when she is no longer a bride. 
  11. Bride & Groom Luggage Tags: LOVE this for the honeymoon! 
  12. I Do Cosmetic Bag: Another perfect gift for the bride! It’s the perfect cosmetic bag for her to take with her on the honeymoon, bachelorette party or just to have to use throughout the engagement! 

Gifts not listed but that I LOVED were all the wine, champagne and sweet cards we received,  along with framed photographs, special occasion wine stickers, a monogrammed kitchen towel, the sweetest gift basket with a wedding count down board and more.

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Pink Knit Sweaters

Planet Blue Fall FashionPlanet Blue Fall FashionPlanet Blue Fall FashionPlanet Blue Fall FashionPlanet Blue Fall FashionPlanet Blue Fall FashionPlanet Blue Fall FashionPlanet Blue Fall FashionOutfit Details: Sweater (Cheaper)// Jeans // Booties // Ray Bans // Lip Stick // Marc Jacobs Purse 

Good Morning & Happy Monday! 

I’m not even kidding, when I say this weekend might have been the most beautiful weekend I have ever seen. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration… but still.. it was just so beautiful. 

As I told you guys Friday, my best friend Ann came in town for the weekend and we literally just had the best time. I’m not going to lie. It was really hard for me to let her get on that plane Sunday. I was like, “do you really have to go back-haha??” Any who, how was everyones weekend??? On top of it being beautiful outside, it also felt amazing out. Like crisp and cool in the morning, but heated up during the day without it being totally hot. Since the weather wasn’t in the 90’s, I literally kept trying to wear sweaters, like this one, all weekend long, even though we’re definitely not there yet. 

The minute I saw this sweater at Planet Blue a month ago, I knew it would be one of those pieces, that if I didn’t get it immediately, I would definitely regret it. I love this look because the soft pink isn’t your normal fall color, but it really works. I love this pink sweater just as much and double points for it being much cheaper.

Oh, side note! This lipstick has also been my absolute favorite recently. I’ve had a million people ask me about it through Snapchat, so I wanted to share it with you all. It’s Stila and it is actually a lip stain and not a lipstick! When I wear this, I use a chapstick over it keep my lips from getting chapped. 

Sunday, we had the Bridal Event, Fashionably Ever After at Baanou, and it turned out to be such a fun time and such a great event!!! I literally loved everything about it. From the planning, to actually putting it on, it made me super grateful to be doing what I am. I’ll share pics of the event probably next week! Thank you so so so much to everyone who came out <3 

This week looks like it is going to be pretty busy. Monday-we are going to dinner at Colton’s parents, Tuesday-Colton promised we would finally carve pumpkins, Wednesday-I’ll probably walk with my mom around Rice, Thursday-we have kickball and a special happy hour event, then Friday- we are heading out of town again! 

Could we possibly be picking a wedding venue? We’ll see😉




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Friday Frills: Velvet Skirts

Velvet Skirt - Urban Outfitters - Fall Fashion - LifetoLaurenVelvet Skirt - Urban Outfitters - Fall Fashion - LifetoLaurenVelvet Skirt - Urban Outfitters - Fall Fashion - LifetoLaurenVelvet Skirt - Urban Outfitters - Fall Fashion - LifetoLaurenVelvet Skirt - Urban Outfitters - Fall Fashion - LifetoLaurenVelvet Skirt - Urban Outfitters - Fall Fashion - LifetoLaurenVelvet Skirt - Urban Outfitters - Fall Fashion - LifetoLaurenVelvet Skirt - Urban Outfitters - Fall Fashion - LifetoLaurenOutfit Details: Velvet Skirt // Top // Heels // Purse 

Happy Fri-yay! 

Ya’ll, I walked outside this morning to take Bentley out and it actually felt like fall!!  We have finally got a cold front and I am praying it is here to stay! This weekend is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous, so I plan to take advantage of this beautiful weather as much as I can. 

My best friend Annie comes in town today for the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! She moved to New Orleans a few months ago and I’ve really missed her, so I am glad she is here with me this weekend. Plus, it’s always fun having guests in town because it makes you want to go out and do things as opposed to being a hermit like I usually am -ha! 

I picked up this beautiful velvet skirt from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago and honestly cannot say enough good things about it. It’s flattering, it’s so comfortable, and I love the details on it. This skirt also comes in two other colors, but for some reason I really loved this patterned one. The moment I tried it on I was like “yep, you’re coming home with me” lol. 

It’s the perfect skirt for the fall, if you live in a place like Texas. You really never know what the weather will bring you. So having fall pieces that are not only jeans and sweaters is a must. Plus this skirt is velvet. Need I say more? 

Since the weather is cooling down and is (fingers crossed) here to stay, I’ll probably pair this skirt with a long sleeve top and over the knee boots next time I wear it. 

Also, if you’re in Houston this weekend, don’t forget about my Bridal event this Sunday at Baanou in the River Oaks District! Whether you’re a bride looking for the perfect dress for your bridal shower or you’re not a bride and you just want to come hang out, it’s going to be a blast! It’s from 12 – 3 pm and around 1:00 will be the style show. The invitation is below! 

Have a great weekend!:)




velvert-skirt-urban _11326517 img  topshop-camisole


Fall Home Decor

IMG_8219 (1).jpgFall home decor - lifetolaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenOutfit Details: Top  // Jeans // Heels

Good Morning, welcome to my home, again! One of my favorite things about fall & winter, is all the decorating that comes along with it. Perhaps it’s the dessert scented candles that should get all of the glory, but something about this time of year makes our home just so much more inviting!!

This year, to save my self from having to put up & take down too many decorations in between Halloween and Thanksgiving, I’ve chosen pretty neutral decor choices for the fall. I mainly centered our home around white pumpkins & lots of candles. I’m not kidding when I say I pretty much have an obsession with the two of those. I literally have white pumpkins and candles burning everywhere! The white pumpkins are just so inviting (they’re like the pineapples of the season!) and the candles make our home smell scrumptious. 

Speaking of scrumptious. During this time of the year, I always have yummy snacks for guests on hand! My favorites to keep around the house are my  Flourless Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Spiced Pecans ! Literally, so good. 

Another easy touch to add to your home, is a simple holiday pillow. Spring & summer, I have a pineapple pillow as the main focus of our couch, then for the winter I have a Christmas tree pillow and then I picked up this pumpkin pillow for the fall. I have to say, even Bentley is in the fall//Holiday spirit! I picked him up from the groomers last week and they put the cutest Halloween bandana on him. You can’t tell from the pictures, but they have little bats on them! He looks adorable – lol. 

One thing I am also doing this fall is decluttering. I’m not sure if “autumn cleaning” is a thing, but it definitely has been for me. I have been throwing things away and giving them away left and right. Actually, this is the last time you will see our apartment looking like this! Change is happening people – lol. 

If you’re wanting more Halloween decor, check out my picks here!




screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-8-50-21-am black-jeans _11326517 screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-8-58-58-am


_13011591 6d232a4418f9a9065c752b2f2be61b44_best fea95fb85712c8c76a8cb98962f9d537_best  screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-9-27-02-pm gold-champagne-flute


6 moscow mule flower lamp shot glass screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-9-30-11-pm


outdoor rug gold tray pink place mat   screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-8-32-25-am  gold dot pillow