Friday Frills: Neutrals For The Win

Nuetrals // Camel Outfit Inspiration // Transitioning into Fall

Shop Post: Suede Romper // Scarf // Pink Kate Spade Studs // Kate Spade Sunglasses // Floppy Hat // Tassel Earrings // Suede Tank // Tan All Saints Tote // Nude YSL Lipstick // White & Tan Cross Body Purse ($21!) // White Tank // Tan Skirt // Strap Nude Heels 

Happy Friday Friends!:)

Are you guys as ready for the weekend, as much I am?? I’m not quite sure what all this weekend will bring, but the few things I do have planned, I am really looking forward too. This is our last weekend home for awhile, so I am planning on taking advantage of what Houston has to offer. 

This week has been crazy stressful, so I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend! 

In other news, if you see me around, expect me to be in neutrals. Ya’ll, I know I have been wearing a crazy amount of black & white recently, but I have also been wearing an abnormal amount of tans and neutrals. Starting with this look I wore a few weeks ago. 

Since it is still too hot outside to actually start dressing for fall, neutral tones like camel, tan & white bring in the perfect transitioning vibe. For example, this top. Ya’ll, it’s so cute it kills me, and the fact that it is such a perfect price point, makes it the perfect top.  Then I know I’m for sure getting this hat before we head out of town next week and I officially need these earrings in my life. 

Neutrals are just so classy and chic, amiright

Like give me a nude silky dress, big tortuous sunglasses, a neutral hat and we’ll call it a day. But lets make sure to add a glass of Pinot Grigio to the mix -lol! 

Sooo bougie😉

Anyways, what all do you have planned for the weekend? Are you obsessing over neutrals as much as I am? Fill me in! 

Okie dokie, that’s all I have for today! 

Have a great weekend!



MyMakeupBrush Oval 10 PC Set Review

MyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetMyMakeUpBrush Oval SetPhoto Details: Oval Makeup Brush Set // Cross Ring // Diptyque Candle

Hi-ya, guys! Welcome back🙂

Today, I wanted to give you all an honest review on the Oval 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set from MyMakeUpBrush

MyMakeUpBrush sent me their best selling, 10 Piece Oval set, almost two months ago for me to try out. I waited so long to share it with you all because, well, I was hesitant. See, unlike most of the oval brush sets that are on the market, and selling for $300+, this set is less than $50. See my hesitation? None-the-less, I tried them out, and here is my honest review. 

Background: I am not a beauty guru. Literally, my make up routine is very basic. I do not do a ton of conturing and I like the less is more approach. So, if make-up is your thing and you are used to buying the top of the, top of the line brushes, then you will probably not like these brushes. Me on the other hand? I blended my foundation with my fingers until halfway through college….so I’m a little less judg-y. Although since then, I do have to say I have become more aware and more picky of what I use..

I shared with you all my everyday make-up routine, here, last week. So you guys know, that my favorite foundation is this Dior Air Flash foundation, applied by this brush. But that doesn’t mean I only use that foundation and that brush. Depending on the event, I also love the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. Before I received the Oval Makeup Brush Set, I was using a beauty blender to blend those two foundations, and honestly never love it. I know the whole world was raving about beauty blenders at one point, but I never fell in love with them. Which is why I was probably so open to testing these oval brushes. I had been looking at similar brands online for awhile but couldn’t bare the thought of spend $355 on a set. So when MyMakeUpBrush reached out to me, and I saw the price point, I thought, why not!?

My first impression: Not pictured, but they each came individually wrapped, placed inside a nice velvet carrying case. When I unwrapped my first brush, I was in love with how soft it was. I mean, I know most new brushes are soft, but this was like really soft and felt wonderful on my skin.

Thoughts on the application: I was absolutely shocked as to how well it covered my face and blended my makeup smoothly. Out of the 10 brushes though, I really only use about 3-4 of them daily. One for my foundation, one for bronzer, one for concealer and maybe one for eye shadow. 

How they have held up: Since they are lesser price point, my main concern was that they were going fray a little bit, but honestly, after two months, they have yet to fray or have pieces fall out. I’ve actually been really impressed. I also learned they are very easy to clean and after washing them, turn out brand as if new. 

Final Thoughts: I am not here to say “OMG YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS BRUSH SET. But, if you were like me and have wanted an oval brush set for awhile, but have been hesitant because of the price, then this is a great option. If you are a makeup artist and live/breath makeup brushes, you probably won’t like this set as much because, well, you’re a professional and I’m not lol. Final thought, I love my set and I could care less that I didn’t spend the big bucks on them. They give me great coverage and work well in my lifestyle. 

Have you tried the MyMakeUpBrush Set

What are your thoughts on this?



25 Things I Wish I Could Have Told My High School Self

sister-sister-stylesister-sister-stylesister-sister-stylesister-sister-stylesister-sister-stylesister-sister-stylesister-sister-stylesister-sister-stylesister-sister-stylesister-sister-styleLauren Outfit Details:  White Top // Black Skinny Jeans (cheaper option) // Steve Madden Sandals // Marble Kendra Scott Earrings  // Christian Paul Watch // Spray Tan 

Hannah Outfit Details: Black Top (My favorite & on sale!!) // White Skinny Jeans // Lace-up Sandals // Kendra Scott Necklace  // Kate Spade Watch

Hi guys, meet my little sister, Hannah J.

Isn’t she literally the prettiest little thing in the whole wide world? I’m pretty obsessed with her. As of last week, Hannah started her freshman year of high school, and to say it has made me feel very nostalgic, would be an understatement. Especially since she is officially going to my Alma mater. If it were up to me, I would hide her away and not let her out until she was 25 – lol kidding!! But in all honesty, I am just extremely excited for her.

I know that everyones high school experience was different. I for one, loved high school. Did I love every aspect? Um, no!!! But I do have some really great memories that I wouldn’t change for the world. Other things, looking back, I wish I would have gone about differently, but then again, it is all about the learning process. High School really is such an important time for your adolescent self. Colton always jokes that I’m a High School Hero lol, which is so not true! He is such a jerk -ha. The truth is I’m just still very close to my high school girl friends. From High School drama & heart ache, to college years and figuring out post-grad life, they have been my rock for 10 years. Yeah, you heard that right, 10 years! My goodness.

With that being said, here are 25 Things I wish I could go back and tell my 14 year old self, before starting my High School Journey. 

  1. Lay off the heavy make-up (especially the eye liner). I know you’re excited to finally be able to wear make-up, but really…..take it back a notch. 
  2. It’s cool to be smart and to be in AP classes. So try. 
  3. Do not wait until the end of your Sophomore year to start caring about your grades and college. Start your GPA off strong. 
  4. Get involved as much as possible. Being involved in high school, really is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. I promise, it’s not as corny as you think it is to get involved. You will build a lot of friendships and it really looks good on your college applications.
  5. Be nice to everyone, no matter what. You’re not as cool as you think you are, so get off your high horse. 
  6. Stop sticking your tongue out in pictures. It’s really unattractive
  7. You’re not going to marry the first boy you get a major crush on. So when he breaks your heart, I promise it isn’t the end of the world. Even though it feels like it is. 
  8. Do not skip family events for high school parties. That random party, does not hold half the value, that your mother’s Fourth of July party does.
  9. Do not waste your time on friendships with mean girls. 
  10. Do not waste your time on friends who constantly choose boys over you.  
  11. Truly cherish those Friday night football games, pep rallies, and homecoming games. These are the moments you really will never get back. Yeah, you’ll have college, but there really is nothing like Friday Night Lights. 
  12. Please stop writing all of those passive aggressive Facebook status’s about how hard your life is. Same thing goes for all of those Taylor Swift heart break lyrics you felt the need to post. 
  13. Your parents are not as dumb as you think they are and you’re not actually getting away with anything. 
  14. Really, nothing good happens past mid night.
  15. Stay away from drama and never say anything bad about anyone just to fit in with a conversation.
  16. Strive to be the person, that if something bad was said about you, no one would believe it.
  17. Put your drink down in pictures, it really doesn’t make you look as cool as you think it does.
  18. On that same note, “blurring” the beer can out of your photos isn’t fooling anyone. 
  19. Respect yourself.
  20. You don’t have to only shop at Abercrombie and Hollister….there are more stores in the mall. 
  21. Stop going to tanning beds and start getting a spray tan. Your future skin will thank you for this. 
  22. Focus more on friendships and less on boys // dating. 
  23. Actually take Drivers Ed at a school, as opposed to online with your mom. This will save a million fights and a lot of tears. 
  24. Make sure that summer vacation to Florida with all of your friends actually goes through. This will be the most memorable vacation of your life.
  25. Cherish your friendships. At least the ones that really mean something because as an adult, they really are the most important people in your life.



How To Fake A Clean Home In 6 Seconds

When I was in high school, a friend of mines mother, would not let her leave the house, until her bed was made and her bedroom floor was vacuumed. At this time, in my high school mind, I always thought of this as a total drag. But now? I think her mother was a genius. 

To have a clean house, to the naked eye, does not mean you have to have a house keeper come every other day. It doesn’t have to be fully dusted and laundry complete. Do not get me wrong though, I love it when our house keeper comes! Literally, it’s like the best day ever – haha. In the mean time though, there are little things that you can do every day to keep your house (or apartment) looking clean. Especially for guests. To me it’s the best feeling when guests tell me how clean and neat my apartment looks. If your place is messy, it’s very uninviting. No body wants to hang out in your mess. I don’t mean for this to sound harsh, but like, don’t you agree? I mean, mess traditionally makes people anxious and when your friends come over, you want them to feel relaxed🙂

So the following are my tips. The little chores I try and do every day to keep my home clean and ready, not only for guests, but for my self included. 

 How To Fake A Clean Home In Six Seconds

  1. Make Your Bed: Make your bed, every single morning. No ifs, ands, or buts. This is the easiest of them all and if you only follow one of these rules, this should be the one to be followed. Making your bed, not only sets the tone for the whole day, but it will instantly make your bedroom feel less cluttered. 
  2. No dishes in the sink: There is absolutely no reason to leave your dishes in the sink, if you have an empty dishwasher sitting right next to it. This is my biggest pet peeve. If the dishwasher is full & clean, I understand the procrastination. My suggestion is to try to set aside a specific time, a day to unload and load the dishes. For example, Colton and I take turns doing this first thing when we get home. 
  3. Do not have clothes on the floor or laying around: Make it a habit to always immediately hang up your clean clothes and put dirty clothes in the hamper. The longer you wait, the more clothes accumulate. If I decide not to wear something, I immediately hang it up. 
  4. Vacuum or Sweep: Depending on the type of floor you have and especially if you have dogs. I swear, a house could be a total mess, but if I see the carpet is vacuumed, I immediately think the house is cleaner. If you are constantly on the go and do not have time to vacuum. I highly suggest investing in a rumba. We were actually gifted one from Colton’s parents two years ago and it has been a total game changer in the dog hair department. 
  5. Wipe Off Kitchen Counter Tops: These wipes have been complete life savers. They make wiping kitchen counters easy because there is nothing more gross than seeing left over food on the counter. Plus, it’s so easy. Do you have to wipe down every counter in your home? No -lol, but try to make it a habit to wipe off the counter after every meal is cooked.  
  6. Fold Blankets and arrange pillows: We try and do this right before we go to bed. Even though they are just pillows and blankets, it’s amazing the difference it can make if they are folded and in place. 

If you have roommates, make this teamwork & delegate duties . For most of these, Colton and I have our responsibilities down so that we know they are always done and our home at least looks tidy, even when it really isn’t

What are your tips for a tidy home?